Teeth Whitening

With bright and beautiful set of teeth, your smile can bring out the best in your facial features. Smiles frame your face and add appeal to your natural beauty. When dental stains dull the luster of tooth enamel, your teeth distract from your appearance and affect your self-confidence. 

One of the most effective ways you can put our best smile forward is with professional teeth whitening. At the dental office of Dr. Anthony J. Bacchi, we can dramatically brighten teeth, so you look and feel your best. Dr. Bacchi and his team of professionals beautify smiles in Wantagh and throughout Nassau county.

Reasons Your Teeth Benefit from Whitening Treatments

Tooth enamel goes through subtle changes daily because it is constantly exposed to harmful products. Dental enamel is porous and easily absorbs the heavy pigments found in many foods and tobacco products. Over time, your smile can reveal yellowed and stained teeth.

Teeth whitening gel contains professional strength agents that safely brighten smiles quickly and conveniently. Using 38 percent carbamide peroxide, your teeth can lighten by several shades in minimal time. Gels also contain potassium nitrate to reduce tooth sensitivity and fluoride to re-mineralize and strengthen dental enamel.

Thorough and Convenient Professional Whitening 

Whitening treatments can be done in-office or at home using customized trays. Whichever method you prefer, professional treatments ensure the even distribution of the gel over the entire tooth for maximum effect and thorough application. 

Many patients conveniently include whitening treatments as part of their routine dental hygiene visits. This is an excellent way to maintain your bright smile. Teeth whitening is also highly recommended before receiving cosmetic dental treatments since many enhancements are matched to the color of dental enamel. 

Contact Dr. Anthony J. Bacchi for Brighter Smiles 

If you are interested in enhancing your smile with professional strength whitening gels, contact the dental office of Dr. Anthony J. Bacchi. He and his dedicated team can meet the cosmetic needs of your smile, so it shines brightly and boosts your self-confidence. The dental office of Dr. Bacchi serves people in Wantagh and all of Nassau county.


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