Root Canal Therapy

 It is in the best interest of your smile to preserve natural teeth. Dental professionals do all they can to keep teeth healthy with restorative techniques. An invaluable procedure to dentists in preventing tooth loss is root canal therapy. This therapy saves teeth that are on the brink of being lost and allows them to continue functioning normally.

Anthony J. Bacchi provides root canal therapy to people living in and around Wantagh. Dr. Bacchi and his compassionate team provide conservative dental care for a lifetime of smiles.

Why is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

At the center of a tooth is an inner chamber called the pulp where nerves are present. It is important that the pulp remain protected, as when damage or decay affect it, the nerves become painfully inflamed. A toothache usually signals the presence of infection and requires the immediate attention of a dental professional.

If an infected tooth is left untreated, the bacteria can form abscesses in the gums and spread to surrounding teeth, jeopardizing their health. Since gums contain blood vessels, the infection can also access your bloodstream and spread to other areas of your physical body, potentially causing serious health complications.

How Does Dr. Bacchi Complete Root Canal Therapy? 

Root canal therapy is the removal of the infected pulp, so the tooth can remain in its socket. The dentist creates a small hole in the crown of the tooth to access the pulp and remove the infection. A biocompatible substance is placed inside the tooth to preserve its anatomical structure, and then the tooth is sealed and capped with a protective crown.

Lustrous Porcelain Crowns Protect Teeth after Root Canal Therapy

Crowns are designed to the exact dimensions of natural teeth and are made of lustrous porcelain that is matched to the color of surrounding tooth enamel. Crowns protect a damaged tooth and enable it to function normally.

Dr. Anthony J. Bacchi Preserves Smiles With Root Canal Therapy

When your smile needs the conservative care of root canal therapy, contact the dental office of Dr. Anthony J. Bacchi. This treatment alleviates pain and prevents tooth loss. Dr. Bacchi provides expert care that is gentle and compassionate. Give the team at his office a call today!


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